Private Events


Private Events

Have an event or function and want to make it exciting and fun by adding PAINT and SIP to the mix? We would love to have a fun, social art event with you and your party!

Contact us to schedule an event or for more information:
Call: (310) 961-8082


How many people do you need for a Private Event?

We require a 17 person minimum charge for private events when we travel out. This is for all private events held at Restaurants, Wine Bars, Banquet Rooms, Community Centers, Corporate Offices, Hotels, and Private Residences. This does not mean you must have at least 17 people to attend! You will be charged for a min of 17 people even if you only have 6 people in your party.

How far will we travel for a Private Event?

Brushstrokes and Beverages™ will travel! Call us for distance and pricing.

What painting do we get to paint?

For Private Events you get to choose the painting! Click here for a list of all the paintings we offer for Private Events.

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